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Apple Day 5 October 2019 – Hope Village Hall

Save the date and your apples

Saturday 5 October 12 – 4.30pm

Have fun pressing your apples or just enjoy a glass of cider with a delicious pork burger or some apple pie/cake and enjoy some good company!

As in previous years we shall be accepting apples (unbruised, eating apples which must not have been grown on land where animals or poultry have been grazed) for professional juicing. Further details available from Jo Longstaff on 07905 636569

Church Bowling Club

Churchstoke Bowling Club’s green opens on Sunday 14th April, at 2pm. We are looking for new members so if you can play or interested in learning Flat green bowls please come along on the 14th (tea ,coffee & biscuits provided). If you just want to ‘have a go’ all you need to bring are flat soled shoes we can provide the woods. If you would like further information please contact Sylvia 01588 620488 or Anne 01588 650456.
We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Cyber Security and Online Safety Awareness Evening Monday 29th October

We talk about safety all the time, it is discussed a lot. I feel that online safety should be taught as being equally important. There are many ways to protect ourselves online but few know the details about them. Cyber security is our shared responsibility.

We talk about ’Don’t click on scam emails’ but what is a scam email, how does it work and how can you tell? We will talk about passwords, social engineering, social media, emails, Wi-Fi and much more, helping as many people as possible to protect themselves online. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about online safety which is why, on Monday 29th October at 7.15pm, I will be running a free evening at Hope Village Hall to discuss and learn about this key part of our modern life which so many people forget.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and I have agreed to become a ‘Champion’ to promote online safety at this time. I therefore have access to lots of useful resources from campaigns that will be available there.